Nigerian Celebrity Relationships: Nedu and Ex-wife Uzomaka Continue Vicious Cycle

After Uzoamaka Ohiri accused Nedu of domestic violence, the OAP has now responded, denying the allegations and calling out his ex-wife for infidelity.

nedu and ex wife uzomaka continue vicious cycle

It’s becoming quite deplorable how celebrity relationships especially marriages are failing in Nigeria. Although there’s a general increase in the rate of failure of marriages but, celebrity unions receive more attention because of the popularity appeal of the people involved, and rightly so. They also seem to be the ones who call such gigantic attention to themselves both in positive and negative situations. The glitz and glamour of Nollywood has it’s pros and cons after all.

Popular Instagram personality, OAP, comedian, and actor Chinedu Ani Emmanuel popularly known as Nedu Wazobia and his ex-wife Uzoamaka Ohiri are just about the latest people to publicly air their marital disappointments in a week dominated by similar headlines.

nedu wazobia and ex wife uzor ohiri
Nedu and Uzor got Married in 2013 and Are Co-parents to 3 Children. Their Union Collapsed in 2018.

Uzoamaka Ohiri took to her Instagram Stories on Friday, September 4, 2021, where she accused the Nedu of assaulting her a few weeks after she had a caesarean operation.

“Seems like a very good time to call all useless men out. I’m tired. Let’s take care of the girls, leave my son out of this,” she wrote, tagging her ex-husband’s handle.


She continued, “Do you remember when you beat me up while your mother held my new-born a few weeks after I had cesarean operation?


“I still wonder how Wazobiafmlagos allows you to host a marriage show when you’re one out of the many men that beat their spouses to stupor.”

Uzoamaka 3

The entire saga must have taken many by surprise, as Nedu is one of the few celebs who have managed to not reveal a lot about his marital life on social media, However, he had to get in on this one, presumably to clear his name, because domestic violence allegations are not to be joked with.

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, September 4, Nedu made a long note explaining what transpired between him and Uzoamaka. The OAP accused in his post accused his ex-wife of cheating, and provided proof of a failed paternity test relating to their first child.

“Our marriage was one plaqued with a lot of issues. One of which was continuous infidelity from her side that led to me conducting a paternity test on our kids which led to the revelation that our first son is not my biological son even though he was born within the period during which we were married,” he wrote.

Nedu and Uzoamaka
Nedu and Uzor on The Day of Their Court Wedding

“On the allegation of domestic violence, we have had this matter investigated twice, one the police station in Ajah and another by a competent court of law during the dissolution of our marriage.”

“Both times I was cleared of all allegations and I have the necessary proof to back up my claim. If anyone should be laying claims to domestic violence it should be me.”

“I am appealing to my ex wife to remember our kids and to not continue on this path she has chosen as the Internet never forgets and they will one day grow up to deal with this mess she is hell bent on creating,” he added.

It’s quite appalling and is now turning into a vicious cycle how these celebrities throw their private lives in the open. Is it clout, is it simply because they just want to vent their frustrations? You be the judge.

Meanwhile check out Nedu’s entire post below:

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