Now That Herogasm Is Here, Here’s How People Reacted To The Highly-anticipated Episode Of The Boys’ Season 3

Fans have taken to social media to express how they feel about The Boys TV’s adaptation of the popular comic book storyline.

Herogasm The Boys reaction

The days leading up to Herogasm (The Boys s03e06) were some of the hardest. Think Avengers: Endgame scaled down a notch for TV and maybe you’d get it (if you’re not a fan of the debauchery-filled show). 

The show’s cast and crew members hyped up the episode, promising viewers a showdown as we’ve never seen before. Naturally, minds gravitated more towards orgy and unprintable sex-filled activities just like in the Herogasm comic book issues, but, boy, were we somewhat wrong. There was a sex showdown, don’t get me wrong, but it was mild compared to the mainstay of the episode. These guys were able to hide what’s arguably one of the best comic book live-action fight scenes of all time right under our noses, and the surprise was everything!

Here are some of the things that netizens have been saying about Herogasm since the episode premiered on June 24, 2022.

You don’t watch The Boys? I think you should get this fixed up. The show is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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