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Omah Lay Ramps Up Hype for His Forthcoming Collab with Justin Bieber

Omah Lay’s new song is provisionally titled “Boy Alone” and is expected to drop on the 4th of next month.

Nigerian singing sensation Omah Lay has yet again teased the release of his highly-anticipated single with Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

“Buy yourself a good headphone before Friday. Advise from a decent man,” tweeted Omah Lay on Sunday, 27th February.

On Wednesday, February 23, Omah Lay tweeted what we’ve now come to understand as the date for the song’s release, 4th March, 2022.

Although there was a mistake in the first tweet, Lay returned after about an hour to provide the song’s actual release date, this time adding more information by revealing Justin Bieber will be on the track.

Omah Lay Tour Dates

In an earlier tweet, he had talked about writing a new song, “Boy Alone,” and coincidentally, that’s the title for his upcoming tour which kicks off on the 20th of next month at the Cokofest in Manchester, England.

Omah Lay on Twitter: “I was loosing my mind writing Bøÿ Alone, it’s funny how the world will soon start dancing to my crazy / Twitter”

I was loosing my mind writing Bøÿ Alone, it’s funny how the world will soon start dancing to my crazy

Teasing release dates and previewing songs is a modern tactic artists use to create hype and anticipation for their upcoming projects. As well as helping to keep their fans informed and engaged, it increases the buzz, anticipation, and excitement within the camp.

Lay’s last release was 2021’s “Free My Mind,” and if his recent Twitter activity is anything to go by, then our ears are in for a treat come Friday, the 4th of March.

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