Oprah Winfrey Lauds Congresswomen

The former queen of daytime talk took the stage as the keynote speaker at Wednesday night’s Women in the World Summit at New York City’s Lincoln Center and praised the 42 newly elected women of Congress.

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“And when we fulfil that task of actually making ourselves whole we’re set up to fully express what we know, to now negotiate, differentiate, placate, facilitate, demonstrate, and delegate and on a really good day it helps us carve out 20 minutes to actually meditate,” Winfrey said during her 12-minute speech. 

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Winfrey went on to discuss the everyday obstacles that women face in the United States. “Let’s see, there is the profound and abiding lack of equitable pay, ditto the lack of affordable childcare.

There’s the distinct possibility of being sexually assaulted in college or raped on a date, there are the bosses who believe that the female anatomy is theirs for the grabbing, there’s the shocking abuse of women serving in our military and we could go on and on and be here all night.”

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