Paul and Peter Okoye Celebrate Each Other on Their Birthday

The duo finally celebrate each other on their birthday after four years of breaking up the music group, P-Square


For the first time in many years since they fell out, twin brothers, Paul and Peter Okoye finally celebrate each other on their birthday. This further confirms that their reconciliation which has been circulating the internet for some days.

P-Square as they were both called them 40 today, November 18, 2021. They both took to Instagram to celebrate their new age posting the same picture.

Paul Okoye captioned his post with, “Happy special birthday to us.”

In the same vein, his twin brother Peter wished them both a happy birthday.

A lot of celebrities and fans are ecstatic over their reconciliation and also, in high hopes that the duo, P-Square would release a track after many years apart.

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