People are dishing out habits that need to stop in 2022

“Minding your business” tops the list of habits that need to be stopped in 2022.

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It’s that time of the year where people sit back and reflect on how the past year went by. However, for those on Twitter Nigeria, they are reflecting on bad habits that need to be stopped in the new year, 2022.

Ahead are a list of things TwitterNG believes need to be left behind in 2021.

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I’m aware my skin is oily, mind your business sister Ronke
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Small “how are you”, you’re already billing me!
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You won’t allow your friend chop their breakfast in private?
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“Yes I forgot you!” Can you move on to why you’re messaging me..
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Sister Juliet, I’m doing well. Please go straight to the point.
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Delete that draft Yusuf, you know you won’t change this new year.
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Please allow people grieve. There’s no need to bring in your personal problems at that moment.
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Amaka please mind the business that pays you!

As the year draws closer to it’s end, what would you be leaving behind?

What do you think?

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