Pheelz and Buju

Pheelz and Buju’s “Finesse” is Probably The Hottest Song Around The World Now

From social media to Shazam, “Finesse” is all about Pheelz and Buju’s finesse, and the world can’t help but notice.

Barely one week after its official release, “Finesse,” song by Nigerian musicians Pheelz and Buju is topping the global chart on Apple’s music recognition platform Shazam.

It means “Finesse” is currently the song receiving the most attention around the world as people try to discover the record- find information about the artist and release date of the song.

Finesse on Shazam Chart

“Finese” sits atop Shazam’s top 200 global chart, thanks to the snippets of the song leaking on social media prior to its release.

Benson on Twitter: “”Finesse” number 1 on Shazam global and its not even a week yet ❤️ / Twitter”

“Finesse” number 1 on Shazam global and its not even a week yet ❤️

Owing to the lyrics of its exhilarating hook, which is very alluring to chant, the song has become an anthem in a short span and a major influence on popular culture especially in Nigeria.

It has also inspired countless memes and appeared in viral Tik Tok and Instagram videos.

In addition to it’s popularity on Shazam, it is topping music charts in several countries including Nigeria and Ghana.

You can click here to view Shazam’s global chart.

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