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Pheelz and Buju’s New Song, “Finesse” Addresses a Serious Pop Culture Issue

Really, if you broke, na your business. You do not have to care about what people say about your pockets, especially because rich is relative. Keep scrolling to listen to Pheelz ft. Buju “Finesse.”

“If I broke na my business” – this quote is part of the hook from Pheelz and Buju’s banging new song “Finesse.” Pheelz has already conquered Afrobeats as a producer and has his course now set on doing it as a singer.

Pheelz’s new adventure has now inspired several singles and an EP, but “Finesse” is probably the highlight. Anticipation for the song has been great, buoyed by his decision to feature Buju, and Wizkid’s preview of the record. Now “Finesse” is topping Apple Music’s Top 100 Naija songs playlist and is number 1 in Ghana and London.


Pheelz, as usual, flaunts his mastery of sound and love for drums. “Finesse” has a great beat, but it’s the lyrics that caught our attention the most.

Littered with quotable lines, Pheelz and Buju make one of pop culture’s most debated topics the subject of their song- broke-shaming, especially aimed at men.

The pressures of social media and living the best life has caused everyone to double their search for money. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But its never enough to write people off or broke-shame them.


This is popular among today’s young men and women, with men often being at the receiving end. According to some fast moving women with stupendous high standards, broke men do not have any business going on dates or men shouldn’t bother asking them on a date if they cannot or will not pay for their ride, make-up, and dress. LOL

The fast life is what most people want- people will follow you if you’re rich, if they think you have style or connections. It didn’t begin today, but its worse now.

As Buju sings on “Finesse,”

Na your kele I go carry go
If me I get money pass you
If you’re not careful oo

But Pheelz takes a rather subtle view to life in the hook,

Ahhh, finesse (Ge ge ti)
If I broke na my business (Ge ge ti)
Ama shana e go bright o (Ye ye)

Reminding young kings and queens to slow down, and focus on themselves rather than what people think.

“Finesse” is now streaming on multiple platforms, including Spotify, Boom Play, Apple Music, Deezer, Audiomack, etc.. Check it out here.

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