‘Plane’ Sequel ‘Ship’ Currently In The Works, Mike Colter Set To Return

Mike Colter return sin Plane sequel titled Ship.

Mike Colter is billed to return in Ship, the sequel to 2023’s delight Plane.

Ship will be set on a cargo ship and will focus on Mike Colter’s character from Plane, Louis Gaspare, who is accused of murder. Plane saw Gaspare escape extradition to Canada when Trailblazer Flight 119 crash lands in the Philippines, forming an unlikely partnership with star Gerard Butler’s Captain Brodie Torrance to rescue the plane’s passengers and crew from pirates on a dangerous remote island.

The sequel will see Gaspare hop aboard a cargo ship in East Asia to escape the Philippines, only to discover the vessel is being used as a ferry for a human trafficking ring. That has Gaspare joining with the second mate/navigator to take down the ship’s corrupt captain, keep its innocent passengers safe and liberate its captives.

So far, there’s no confirmation about whether Gerard Butler will reprise his role in the sequel.

No release date has been announced for Ship yet.

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