Private investigator Scott Ross shares behind the scene info on Chris Brown’s 2009 Incident with Rihana

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It’s been 12 years since Rihana and Chris Brown’s heated altercation at the 2009 Grammy Awards that led the then couple to several physical bouts that left Rihana battered. It culminated in a court case and Brown with Brown sentenced to probation, a five-year restraining order was issued, and he was mandated to attend domestic violence counselling as well as complete community service.

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Private investigator, Scott Ross reportedly represented Brown for the case and recently had a chat with VladTV to shed some light on what went down behind the scenes. “That was kind of unique because that was not a normal kind of case,” said Scott. “With Chris Brown’s case, there really is not a whole lot to do. You’ve got a “he said, she said,” and in this particular case, [attorney Mark J. Geragos] had worked out a settlement with Mary Murry, she was the D.A… They had worked out a deal.”

“All of sudden, naked pictures of Rihanna surfaced on the internet,” he continued. Vlad wanted to be sure Scott was talking about the photos that showed Rihanna’s injuries, but he stated that those circulated after someone from the Los Angeles Police Department sold them. Scott added that the photos he was referring to were images that showed the fenty mogul topless – a picture she had allegedly sent to Brown when they were crazy in love.

Rihana beatup photos

“My understanding is that Rihanna… contacted the D.A. after they had made a deal, but it had not been solidified by the court that he was not going to do any jail time. He’d plead out and do some anger management,” said Scott. After the nudes were leaked, Scott alleges that Rihanna reached out to her lawyer who got in touch with the D.A. and stated that she wanted Brown to go to jail.

Meanwhile, Brown denied that he had anything to do with the leak so Scott was tapped with finding the leaker. He said not only did he find the person, but the culprit also had photos of singer, Cassie and leaked those as well. “What it turned out to be is Rodney Jerkins, who’s a producer, somebody had hacked Rodney’s phone and gotten phone numbers of Cassie and Rihanna and some other people, and that person had gone into those phones.”

After learning that it was somebody in Denmark, a man, who was responsible, Scott presented his findings to the D.A. with the hope of “getting Rihanna to back down” from pursuing jail time for his client. Scott also spoke about the infamous incident, saying, “Chris had injuries, but they weren’t seen for several days.”

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“[Brown] had markings. Again, he’s kind of a tough guy, he’s not a 90-pound weakling,” he added. Vlad said of the 5’8″ singer, “Rihanna’s actually pretty big also. She’s like, my height.” He continued that Rihanna and Brown were fighting in a confined area in a rented Lamborghini. “According to Chris, she started it and he was defending himself. He kept telling her to stop and stop and stop, and I get it… She had markings on her and Chris left the scene.”

Watch Scott’s clip below to hear him share what he observed at the time.

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