Critics Pick: Ranking Adekunle Gold’s Albums

With Adekunle Gold set to drop his 4th studio album soon, we rank his previous works according to how crucial they have been to the singer’s evolution.

Adekunle Gold Albums

How well do you know Adekunke Gold’s album discography?

Adekunle Gold showed he is is indeed super talented, transforming his music from raw Afro folk music and high-life into refined Afro Pop- the very best you will hear in Africa today- when he released his 3rd studio album, “Afro Pop Volume 1.”

The sensational singer enjoyed an incredible 2021, going on to release several chart topping singles, “Sinner” and “High feat Davido.” They were all massive successes that continued where he left off on his previous album.

However, Gold has began 2022 in a fashion he ended 2021, releasing another single titled “Mercy,” and confirming that his fourth studio album titled “Catch Me If You Can” will drop on the 4th of February.

Hiss evolution as an artist, husband, and father has been remarkable since he made his album debut in 2016 with the self-titled “Gold.” He did not only show his prowess as a brilliant lyricist and storyteller on the album, he designed the cover art of the album himself.

Nonetheless, we have ranked all of Gold’s studio albums according to critical acclaim and how important they have proved to his present craft and brand.

#4 About 30 – 2018

Adekunle e1527247882656 640x360 1

Just like its title suggests, Adekunle Gold was now ready to come to terms with life as a full fledged adult when he released “About 30” in May, 2018. It was the beginning of another journey for him, but luckily for him, he hadn’t strayed far from the path of the promise land throughout his previous endeavours.

It’s not his most critically acclaimed work, but it was a project that needed to happen if we were ever going to see the Adekunle Gold that we’re seeing today.

“About 30” was packed with experiments, as Gold was torn between sticking to his style or satisfying modern trends and popular demand. In the end, he trusted his guts, and the product was the remarkable “Afro Pop Volume 1.

#3 Gold – 2016


“Gold” is Adekunle Gold’s debut album. Deeply rooted in African folk music and high-life, it formed the core of his music till date. “Gold” was released in 2016, as part of Adekunle Gold’s contract with YBNL, and all its 16 records showed his adept lyricism and storytelling.

“Gold” had several hit songs including “No Forget,” “Orente,” and “My Life.” Meanwhile, songs like “Pick Up” and “Sade” pretty much became street anthems.

You will hardly find a better album in terms of originality of sound and thought, and cohesion. If one day we forgot who Adekunle Gold was, this album will be right there to remind us everyday why he’s such a master-craftsman.

#2 Afro Pop Volume 1

Adekunle Gold Afro Pop Vol. 1

“Afro Pop Volume 1” is Adekunle Gold’s 3rd studio album. It’s a thickening of the evolution journey that Gold began from his second album, “About 30.” “About 30” had divided opinions among critics despite Gold’s intentional infusion of Afro Pop-style sounds into the album. But it wasn’t just his music that evolved, Gold grew alongside his craft, even with a remarkable outward manifestation, considering his new look. The records on “Afro Pop Volume 1” cemented Gold’s position among the elites, with tracks like “Okay,” “Here For Ya,” and “Something Different” typifying exactly how far he had come with transforming both his music, personality, and brand. A remarkable switch-up from his insecurities and vulnerabilities in 2016.

#1 Catch Me If You Can

Adekunle Gold Catch me if you can edited scaled

With “Catch me If You Can,” AG brings down the curtains on the pop transformation he introduced a couple of years back. The album also sees him lean more towards the US and European markets, with several international features, including Ty Dolla $ign and Lucky Daye. A lot didn’t change about AG’s style, but there’s more maturity and intent about his lyricism. The album, of course, also unlocks the door to many commercial opportunities including international shows and tours. Nonetheless, like every closed chapter, “Catch me If You Can” marks the beginning of another journey for the talented singer, and we’re definitely to observe every stop he makes.

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