Top 5: Ranking the Top 5 Songs on Asake’s Mr Money With The Vibe

These are the 5 best songs on the YBNL Record’s singer’s debut album ‘Mr Money With The Vibe’.

Asake_Mr Money with the vibe

We rank the top 5 songs on YBNL Records singer Asake’s debut album Mr Money With The Vibe. Released on September 8, 2022, Asake and Mr Money With The Vibe proved the to be hot topic throughout out music. The 12-track project was widely welcomed, with Asake earning praise for yet showcasing his hit-maker capabilities. It dominated the listening charts for weeks– something the singer is slowly getting renowned for.

Like all our Top 5’s, this was a difficult task. Yet it had to be done. Enjoy our top 5 song picks off Asake’s Mr Money With The Vibe below.

#5 Sungba Remix — Asake and Burna Boy

This song is great because it gets you in the grove all the time. Whether you’re working out, doing some chores or clubbing, it’s such an absorbing all-purpose song. It also showcases everything Asake stands for– crowd pleaser.

#4 Nzaza — Asake

Nzaza reveals another layer of Asake’s music. His alluring undertone is a regular feature of his music, true but, this record is one of the few ones that sees Asake switch style. A more melancholic delivery to match the subject of his meteoric rise, and that bewitching chorus with the choir effect, Nzaza is our 4th best song on Asake’s Mr Money With The Vibe.

#3 Peace Be Unto You (PBUY) — Asake

Asake’s style is so well defined, to the point that you almost know what to expect from him every single time. With all he’s shown since 2021, most people will most likely tell you a hit will follow immediately after they hear his name on a song. And don’t we all love hit songs?

#2 Organise — Asake

Like chorusing in a very good church choir, percussion reached its greatest height on Mr Money With The Vibe on Organise, with the trumpet, snare drum and flute playing to enchanting harmony. It’s one of those ear worms that leave an impression on your subconscious, even with just one listen; if you don’t learn the lyrics, you will probably humm it out.

#1 Terminator — Asake

People have subtly called out Asake for utilizing the same baseline in all his songs since Sungba, perhaps they’re right. Sometimes, that’s the price you pay for consistency and, in his defence, if those accusations are true, why even bother changing a formula that works. Terminator is our favourite song on Asake’s Mr Money With The Vibe and, just like Sungba, it’s a universal hit song. The same baseline? Your call to make.

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