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Rema And Chris Brown Link Up in Studio Amid Work on New Album

There’s excitement all over for Ravers, with Rema teasing a potential collab with American Pop and RNB star Chris Brown after both singers posed for what appears to be an after-studio session picture.

Rema is currently working on his long-anticipated debut album, and it is provisionally titled Rave and Roses. Although he recently released a new record, ‘Calm Down,” we’re not sure if that is going to be part of his upcoming project.

The Mavin Records star however, took to Twitter to activate fans, posting a picture of himself alongside American musician Chris Brown. “Rema x Chris Brown 😮‍💨👏🏾,” read the caption.

REMA on Twitter: “Rema x Chris Brown 😮‍💨👏🏾 / Twitter”

Rema x Chris Brown 😮‍💨👏🏾

Check out the video for Rema’s latest single “Calm Down,” which is dominating charts across Africa, below.

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