Review: The Woman in the Window

For a movie with such rich cast, and certainly produced with the Academy Awards in mind, the Woman in the Window struggled to stand out in its entirety.

Woman in the window

The Woman in the Window is an American thriller movie that is based on A. J. Finn’s Novel of the same title. The movie was directed by Joe Wright and stars Amy Adams as Dr. Ana Fox, the heroine- a psychologist, widow, and an alcoholic who suffers from severe agoraphobia and hasn’t left her vintage mansion in about 10 months.

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As a result of her mental state, she was put on a prescription of which the side effects include intense hallucinations. New neighbours, the Russells move into the house across the street, opposite Ana’s and they initially get off on a zealous note. However, Ana notices something uncanny about their patriarch, cranky Alastair Russel (Gary Oldman). Her condition, coupled with a visit from Katherine, a lady whom conned her into believing she was Alastair’s wife, Jane ignites her obsession with the Russells and she finds herself increasingly sticking her nose in the affairs of her new neighbours.

In the process, through her window, Ana observes at the Russells and witnesses and watches as Katherine whom she thought was Alastair’s wife was stabbed with a kitchen knife. Ana thinks Alastair is the culprit and tries to call the cops. However, Ana’s account of the incident is blurry because of her lack of evidence and exacerbated by her condition and confusion of about whom the real wife of Alastair Russel is. As a result, no one believes her, not even the detective, Little (Brian Tyree Henry) put on the case.   

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It’s strange that in today’s world a person would carry out a crime as severe as murder with an open window in such a densely populated area. Although the Woman in the Window is star studded with other notable actors such as Anthony Mackie (Ed Fox), Julian Moore (Jane Russel), Wyatt Russel (David Winter), and Tracy Letts (Dr. Landy), there is little time for character development, as the film morphed into another one-dimensional thriller that is easily predictable. The device used to explain Ana’s personality was vague and felt somewhat unnatural or forced.

Every time David, Ana’s tenant who escaped parole, popped up, she seemed terrified even though she’d told him he was always welcome. It makes for wonder whether it was really the agoraphobia or her hallucinations making her appear so terrified the entire movie. Accompanied by the score, which isn’t so bad for a thriller, it felt like the movie makers were trying really hard to make the project suspenseful and scary.

For a movie with such rich cast, and certainly produced with the Academy Awards in mind, the Woman in the Window struggled to stand out in its entirety. Save for Amy Adam’s performance, the quality of the picture, and the score that I really liked; we may just have had nothing to sink our teeth into about this movie.

Final verdict: 5/10.  

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