Rick Ross shows of his massive collection of vintage cars

Rick Ross shows of his massive collection of vintage cars

American rapper Rick Ross has always made his admiration for cars known, often referencing that in his bars. Rozay has over one hundred vehicles at his estate, putting every other rapper to shame.

Last week, the Florida-based rap icon explained how he can afford to have so many cars at his 400-acre property, revealing that people pay him exorbitant amounts of money just to take pictures with his vintage cars.

Much like he’s done with his estate, Rozay has made a business out of his investments. Days after he spoke about his collection, the rapper felt like showing off some of his most prized possessions, walking down his driveway and focusing the camera on his classic collection of British luxury cars Rolls-Royce.

“No loaners,” blowed Ross in his caption, telling the world that he owns every car on his property. People are raving over his car collection, which rivals that of late-night show legend Jay Leno. Recently, they met up to compare collections, filming some content for socials, and fast becoming friends. Never hard when there’s a shared interest.

Watch the video below to see Rick Ross show off some of his coolest cars:

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