Rihanna Talks Relationship With ASAP Rocky, Pregnancy In New Vogue Cover Story

As Rih recalls, that infamous performance with Rocky at the 2012 MTV VMAs, was where it all began

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Rihanna recalled how she became friends with ASAP Rocky and how their pregnancy journey began in new cover story for the Vogue Magazine.

According to the story, Rih and Rocky first met at the 2012 MTV VMAs, where they performed together- the song, a remix of Rihana’s “Cockiness.”

“He grabbed my ass on stage,” she told Vogue. “That was not part of the rehearsal! I was like, What are you doing!?”

Although she was surprised by the “Praise Da Lord” singer’s move, she recalls not getting pissed, with her management team shocked that she decided to let it slide.

“People don’t get out of the friend zone very easily with me,” she admitted. “And I certainly took a while to get over how much I know him and how much he knows me, because we also know how much trouble we can land each other in.”

Rihanna ASAP Rocky

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky continued their friendship before taking it a step further during the peak of the COVID pandemic. Both stars embarked on a massive road trip from Los Angeles to New York in a big tour bus. Rihanna added she brought her cooking skills to the tour, grilling food while ASAP tie dyed t-shirts.

“I love the simple things but also the grand adventures,” she says. “There’s no pretentious my-brand-your-brand bullshit, it’s just us living. I just feel like I can do any part of life by his side.”

By the end of the year, Rihanna was ready to introduce him to her family in Barbados.

Speaking about the pregnancy and whether it was planned, the billionaire said:

“Planning? I wouldn’t say planning. But certainly not planning against it. I don’t know when I ovulate or any of that type of shit. We just had fun. And then it was just there on the test. I didn’t waste any time. I called him inside and showed him. Then I was in the doctor’s office the next morning and our journey began.”

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