Royal Family Squabble: Will “Racism” ever be gone?

Royal Family Squabble
Royal Family Squabble

One week on from The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah and one can only wonder whether racism will ever be a thing of the past. Chills went down my spine as I watched Meghan divulge information concerning how Prince Harry and she have been treated by certain members of the British Royal Family. Although there was no revelation of names, there was no exoneration of whomever even though a certain Prince of Wales, Charles, Harry’s father would seem the biggest loser as things unfolded.

The British Royal Family, you’d argue is the biggest monarchical institution in the world and if systematic racism still thrives in Buckingham palace, how much more in the streets, the alleys, train stations, football grounds, and social gatherings? How could concerns even be raised over the skin colour of an unborn child? What would the motive be? Crayons and water colours, I suppose- a gutting sensibility and a hugely diabolical act.

Harry and Meghan Royal Family Squabble

However, the burning questions remain:

  • Where does Buckingham palace go from here, is the statement issued on behalf of the Queen enough to quench this looming fire?
  • Where does Harry and Megan go from here, how strong will they be if things get tougher?
  • Where does the world go from here?

With all that we think is being said and done to abominate and abolish any form prejudice against a person or group of people and their beliefs, this interview clearly underscores the magnitude of work needed to be done.

It is more than just identifying with different races in public, it’s more than making laws that promote inclusion, it is definitely more than knighting black people; it’s a mindset thing, a subconscious thing. And more people need to be like Meghan, irrespective of who the culprits are.

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