Rudeboy of Psquare Confirms Imminent 12-Track Album Release

rudeboy album ruddykillus

Paul Okoye aka Rudeboy of the now defunct musical band Psquare is set to drop his debut solo studio album. Although he had released several hit singles such as Reason With Me and Audio Money in the past, Ruddykillus is his first major compilation project since he split with his brother Peter Okoye aka Mr P who also released his first solo album earlier this year.

Rude boy

Taking to Instagram to announce the news, Rudeboy shared a graphic of the project that revealed its entire 12 tracks, production credits, and some promotion details. The title of the album Ruddykillus is a play on words and can either refer to the common English word Ridiculous or broken down as “Ruddy kill us”.

Thematically, both impressions are a call for Rudeboy to amaze listeners, as ridiculous can be used to describe something that is outrageously impressive, and the Nigerian slang “kill us” is a call to action to overkill. It is also often used to confer positive remarks and express sheer amazement. Clever from Rudeboy!

There are no features on the dozen-track album, and it will be released on August 5 2021, with production credits going to Chrisstringz, Selebobo, Orbeat, and LordSky. Ruddykillus was executive produced by Rudeboy himself while supervision was helmed by Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye, the man who was there from the genesis of Psquare down to the apocalypse.

Check out the album track list below:

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