Safety First: Why Asake was Right to Abruptly Halt Baltimore Concert

Asake is on a tour of the US following the successful release of his debut album ‘Mr Money With The Vibe’.

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Asake abruptly halted his Sunday, October 9 performance at the Patapsco Arena in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. According to a statement released by his team, the concert ended due to safety and security reasons (see post below). The news divided the opinions of fans who claim the concert was abruptly ended simply because one of the security personnel on ground had his firearm stolen.

However, according to insider reports, the venue was overpacked and couldn’t contain the crowd; the organizers had more attendees than they had planned for.

Although no occurrence of violence around the venue has been reported, Asake and his team took the right decision to endthe show, especially given America’s history with gun violence and tragic mass shootings.

Despite concertgoers’ grievances over the cancellation, reverse would have been the case if Asake and his team ignored the warning and continued the show, and something tragic were to happen.

Recall how American rapper Travis Scott was cancelled and made to pay millions of dollars in settlement fees after he was alleged to have ignored the warning signs that led to the 2021 Astroworld mass casualty incident.

Michael Amanor on Twitter: “Asake running out of the Baltimore venue after a security guard had his gun stolen from him #asake #asakeliveinbaltimore / Twitter”

Asake running out of the Baltimore venue after a security guard had his gun stolen from him #asake #asakeliveinbaltimore

Baltimore crime rates rank well above America’s average. According to a 2022 report, it has the nation’s second-highest gun related death rate, ending 2021 with 337 murders and 728 non-fatal shootings, up slightly from 2020.

Perhaps people don’t know about these statistics, and that is why the incident has divided opinions.

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