Screaming With Joy; Means Of Surviving Life

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Maybe life just takes the form of a simple pendulum Bob, taking us to and fro, only to meet at a point. A point we almost obviously do not know. Or perhaps life takes the shape of a gun, repelling all actions we commit with a greater force, either distorting us out of our comfort, or keeping us safe in its hands – depending on how best we use it – either we shoot, or we keep our peace.

Maybe life is just more like cans and tins, taking beauty in their early years, serving their users, only to decompose, and get recycled again by their once users – helping them out of their sorry states.

Maybe we all are living for one and other. Perhaps a symbiotic relationship. Consciously or unconsciously. Maybe, we only live to leave, leaving spaces for others to as well live. Maybe life just leaves voids for each and everyone of us to fill in the lives of another.

Perhaps this philosophy orchestrated my fate up till this moment. This is me, a once sad man, in his late twenties, saddled with worries, and unending fears juxtaposed with me, writing this with smiles finding home on my lips, sounds of liberty beating consistently in my chest, with face broadened to its elastic limit. Life can’t be any better than this moment, I screamed out with joy!right 2746187 480 191276240

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