See The Adorable Photo of Vin Diesel Walking Paul Walker’s Daughter Down The Aisle

Vin Diesel chaperoned Paul Walker’s daughter down the aisle at her wedding.

Vin Diesel walks Paul Walker's daughter down the aisle

Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel walked late co-star Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow, down the aisle at her wedding in the Dominican Republic, earlier this month. Diesel and Walker worked on the set of the Fast and Furious franchise prior to Walker’s death in 2013.

Meadow married Louis Thornton-Allan after a two-month engagement. She recently shared photos from the ceremony on her Instagram.

“The pandemic impacted our plans,” Meadow told Vogue about the ceremony. “Louis’s family wasn’t able to attend. A lot of close friends whom we consider family were also unable to attend due to travel restrictions.”

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker
From Left; Vin Diesel and Paul Walker

She added that, despite the limitations, it was still perfect: “We couldn’t have imagined it to be any more perfect and personal—and honestly it was easy and simple. Louis and I knew exactly what we wanted from the start. It was a very intimate celebration.”

Diesel had discussed being Meadow’s godfather in an interview with entertainment media, Extra earlier this year:

“[Meadow] takes good care of me. She’s the first person on Father’s Day to wish me Happy Father’s Day. To see her with my children is one of the most beautiful things. There are moments when I see her playing with [his 6-year-old daughter] Pauline and it hits me so deep ‘cause I can only imagine what my brother sees when he sees that.”

Vin Diesel Walks Paul Walkers daughter down the aisle
Diesel escorting Meadow to tie the knot

“It goes beyond the movie,” he added.

Diesel and Walker became bonded for life through their involvement in the ever so successful Fast and Furious franchise. Walker (40) was on his way to a charity event when he dies in an auto car crash in 2013. According to reports, he was a passenger in a Porsche sports car driven by a friend – who also died – when the accident occurred north of Los Angeles.

However, like we’re often reminded by the films, keeping family close and staying loyal to friends are the two most important things to Toretto (Diesel), and the man has continued carrying that motto beyond lights and cameras.

Check out more footage from Meadow’s wedding below:

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