Shameful Video of Boy Caught Breaking Into Neighbour’s House

Shameful video of a Boy Caught breaking into neighbours house-tile

It’s a shameful video… a woman lost her bunch of keys, but every day she returns home to some of her items missing. She decides she cannot take it anymore, and pretends to have stepped out, only to discover that the crime had always been carried out by a delinquent neighbour. A young boy called Isaac.

The miscreant boy allegedly found the bunch of keys, but decided to keep it for himself. Neighbours say he’s been terrorizing the neighbourhood for some time and has been outrightly banned from entering their houses.

Isaac even tries to snatch the phone from his victim when she told him she was going to expose him. After he fails, embarrassed; he makes serval attempts to beg the woman to stop videoing before appearing to stride away from the scene. Check out the abominable video below.

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