“She had a thre*some with Peruzzi and Slimcase” – Korra Obidi’s Husband, Justin Dean Accuses The Singer

Dean’s accusations of infidelity aren’t brand new as he had previously accused the singer of cheating and lack of accountability.

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With each dawn comes a different woe with Nigerian singer, Korra Obidi and her estranged husband, Justin Dean.

The most recent is the accusation made by the Los Angeles based doctor who alleged that the singer cheated on him while she was pregnant with their second child.

Speaking in a live video session on his Instagram page, Dean stated Obidi was trying to destroy him because she believes he would expose her extramarital affairs.

“She is trying everything she can to destroy me because she thinks I’m going to tell people she cheated on me while she was pregnant,” he said.

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He went on to cite the names of the men Obidi allegedly had an affair with, which were musicians Peruzzi and Slimcase.

His video came hours after Obidi admitted to infidelity in her marriage in a live video.

She also went on to accuse Dean of throwing stones at her, even though he allegedly has an 18-year-old girl for a mistress.

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The duo have been at loggerheads since Dean announced his decision to divorce the singer in March 2022, few days after the birth of their second child.

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