‘She’s A 10’ Girlfriend Edition

Is She Really a 10 If She Doesn’t Have These 10 Qualities?

She a 10

The hashtag ‘She a 10’ has been making the rounds on the internet, especially Twitter, mostly as a comical way of affirming that a woman is the real deal. Certainly, opinions differ, and what men desire in their women vary like the multitude of faces on the earth.

And while no one is close to perfect, she might really be a 10 if she possesses these 10 qualities.

  1. She’s unapologetically honest.
  2. She’s thoughtful, and listens even when you’re not talking.
  3. She’s passionate about the things she does and causes she pursues.
  4. She encourages you.
  5. She’s loyal.
  6. She speaks for the oppressed and the vocally-handicap.
  7. She’s positive and always eager to help people.
  8. She takes absolute responsibility of her actions.
  9. She works hard, but she also knows how to play hard.
  10. She knows her worth and will unapologetically never settle for less.

Maybe this list is missing a few details, but for real, she a 10 if she has these 10 attributes.

Come on, don’t spoil the fun. Add your own thoughts to the list, and share with your friends.

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