Short Story: The “Akara” Romance (2)

The best love stories are told out of the weirdest situations.

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I don’t know how my lips got to be sucking Nkechi’s big breasts which was twice the size of my head.

I had to take my time to suck each nipples for minutes while holding them with both hands, after which I grabbed them together so I could suckle both nipples at the same time. Her moans were low pitched at the moment as I knew I just started work.

She turned me over and took off my trousers and boxers together.
As she grabbed my “this thing”, I knew I was finished. Before I could recover from it, She had gobbled it all down.
I could feel my crown touch her throat as she increased the pace at which she deep throated me.

She went on to my balls and swallowed them whole. She smacked on them and it gave me weird-painful sweet-like sensations.
I was moaning and in pain as I told her to stop. She smiled and grabbed them, fondling them to her taste with a wicked smirk.

She had one hand on my dick and used the other hand to take off her panties. She stroked me further and as I was about to tell her to let me use a condom, she adjusted herself and sat on me.
The “slurp” sound her pussy made on my dick mesmerized my body and I moaned as she began to ride me.

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She leaned forward and her mammoth boobs were on my face, suffocating me. I couldn’t breathe but I was enjoying the way she rode me and I didn’t mind dying at the moment from the pleasure.

I tried to be part of the action too by grabbing her big ass but my hand could not fully grasp it all. I ended up squeezing and smacking it from behind.
Her whole ass swallowed my dick and lower torso as I grabbed one of her boobs from my face so I could breathe.
I already told the god of death, not today. No be pussy go kill me. Me and God did not agree to that.

Nkechi got up and rolled over to the other side in the reverse cow girl mode and I began to wonder if this girl was not a pornstar.
I felt probably her fiancé had made her angry, maybe cheated on her for her to fuck me aggressively like this. I felt like I was being used.

She was twerking on my dick. The celerity this time was twice as fast as when she was facing me. I could feel it this time, I was about to cum. I tried to raise her up so I could withdraw but she kept on ramming her pussy into me.

“Nkay …..Nkay ….. Nkechi, I’m going to cumm”

I moaned as loud as I could so she could hear but that was when she continued even faster and I knew it, I had to surrender and give in as my head spun for a moment and I let in all my magnificent essence into her.

Madam was still bouncing as I was like abeg e don do, no break my penis.

“Have you cummed already?” she asked as she looked at me from behind and gave a wicked smile.
I was breathing so hard and sweating as I nodded my head.
“Lazy boy” she said as she stood up from me.

“Oya get up, let’s go clean up” she added as she dragged me up.

I was about to stand up when I realized it wasn’t Nkechi’s voice anymore but that of my girlfriend Morenikeji.

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