Short Story: The ‘Akara’ Romance (1)

The best love stories are told out of the weirdest situations.

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During my early days of being sexually prolific, I had the privilege of meeting a plus sized girl. She was twice my size, beautiful, curvy, busty and with a huge backside. At first, I had no sexually affinity towards her but as time went on, we began to get close.

She stayed two streets from mine and we had met at an akara joint where she bought the last pieces of akara after I told the akara seller to reserve them for me earlier.
I was pretty much gutted but she offered me two pieces out of the akara as compensation which we both found hilarious.

That was the beginning of our friendship. We exchanged contacts and began to converse from there. Nkechi was her name and she was “sapiosexually”sound. We connected so fast and in like a week, we were already visiting each other’s houses.

There were days I would go to her side after she had cook to go eat and there were other days she would come to mine.
This kept on going for a while and nothing amorous was between us, majorly because she had told me that she was traveling abroad in a matter of weeks to meet her soon to be husband.

She had like a month left before she relocated permanently and so I respected that. Not that her big ass and boobs on her shining ebony skin didn’t turn me on but omo, I had self control.

One fateful day, about two weeks before she left for the abroad, she came to my house as usual and after we had talked and played for a while, she looked at me and asked.
“Femi, don’t you find me attractive?”

I was taken aback by her question and I told her that I did find her attractive, but I respected the fact that she was in a relationship and I didn’t want to do anything to make her uncomfortable.

“I want to feel uncomfortable Ola. Do that thing that you think if you do, I would be angry” she replied and that was it. Kasa!..

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