Short Story – The New Girl, Juana

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Juana, the new girl that sat next to me in the homeroom. 

I was beginning to have a crush on her, she was cute and had a long full head of hair. She was the average kind of girl, she didn’t wear the latest fashions but she dressed well nonetheless.

Juana was beautiful. I liked everything about her, her distinct eyes, her smile, the way she put her hair back when it went out of line. As a boy, I obviously had to be attracted to someone with physical assets and of course, she had enough to satisfy.
However, the killers were her eyes. She had grey eyes, a small iris and black lines extending from it all around, they were breath taking; simply special.

The weird thing about Juana was that she came from a dysfunctional family. She had to go home during classes sometimes to take care of her sick mother. She was never around for night parties because she would sit by her mother’s bedside crying, at least so I heard. 

Eventually, I summoned up the courage to start talking to her, and after two weeks I asked her out and she said yes.


This is when our problems started. Juana was never around for parties and I was always bothered by her need to rush home. We frequently got into arguments, and anytime we were making out, she became reacted like an animal and would kiss ferociously, then she would suddenly stop and walk away.

Considering no one had ever been to her house, I finally had enough of everything and forced her to stay for the beginning part of one of the parties. In no time, she mentioned leaving and I became determined to find out where she lived. I followed her. 


I walked at a distance behind her when she suddenly looked up at the moon and started running, I started running too. 

She heard my footsteps, turned back shouted something like a growl at me and ran into an alley.

I turned into the alley and started shouting at her and she turned and I saw it. 

Fangs out, claws ready, she turned and growled at me, I turned back and tried to run but with one leap she jumped over and blocked the way out of the alley.

“Why where you following me?” standing before me wasn’t my sweet Juana, but a monstrosity of nature. I shuddered and tried to spit out an answer

“I was… I was..” I stuttered. 

“Was what?” She snarled. 

I was paralysed with fear and couldn’t reply.

“Well, what you see is what you get..” and with that her jaw snapped and a snout popped out, her hair seemed glued to her back and there was hair all over her body.
She grew and doubled in size, her clothes tore, her womanly features disappeared and she seemed like a hound now, muscles rippling it uttered a last growl.

That was all I heard before it pounced on me and started ripping me apart. I looked up through all the blood as my eyes dimmed at the monsters grey eyes and saw it, a last shred of humanity, the last piece of my warmth and love.

I saw her, I saw Juana..

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