Short Story: The Rebound (2)

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We started texting, sometimes he visited me in the evenings, taught me a couple of Biochemistry which I pretended to understand but never did.

Romeo was also a a poet and if you know one, you should know they weave their words perfectly, making you feel loved and special. Yes! Special, because he made me feel like I was his favorite person on earth.

I joined the fellowship he was attending and also joined to be a part of the drama group. I loved how he complimented me after every Sunday ministration as it always made me feel alive.
Well, three months, and he didn’t ask me to be his girlfriend.

I was literally in his face as much as he was in mine. I could have easily called myself his babe but I wanted him to ask me. I didn’t want to talk about it because I was scared and thought it was too soon.

He kept visiting almost every evening and I kept cooking for him. Did he ever tell me he loved me during that period? No! But he acted like he was in love with me, his use of words, and the way he treated me said it all, and I felt it.
I opened up to my friend about it and she told me to ask him.

That evening, I had prepared to ask him about it as I prepared a very soft and hot Amala, vegetables and orishirishi, while I rehearsed my lines over and over again but when he visited, he told me he failed an incourse and he was sad. There was no way I could have brought it up.

As I spent the evening cheering him up with some reassuring words and scriptural backings. I had no clue I was about to be served the hottest breakfast.

Short Story: The Rebound

He called me the next day and told me his department was having a dinner party, so he got me a ticket.

I was so engulfed with joy as I prepared for the night, I even lied to my dad about needing more money as pharmacy school was consuming my money. The night came and he told me to join him at the event which I did not mind because I was too excited to overthink things.

I saw him at the entrance dressed in his burgundy-colored suit and black pants. I was super proud of his looks, we took a couple of pictures together and when it was time to have our seats, I realized he bought a separate ticket from the regular (2k) ticket he got for me.

He apologized and told me his friends bought the table, and I should manage since it was just for a few hours. The party started and it was all fun until it was time for the awards. He got the award for the best writer which I did not know he was nominated for. “Well deserved, I’m proud of you Human star” I said screaming my lungs out at the back of the hall until it was time to award the best couple.

Lo and behold, he was called with this other lady who was dark-skinned with a thick body. His arm wrapped around her waist and I literally felt my legs shaking.

People shouted and told them to kiss. I felt my eyes go sore as I watched their lips brush against each other. I sat there screaming “awwnnnn” while I clapped for them with my heart bleeding.

I watched him standing at the podium grinning ear to ear, and I thought for a moment, he’d look my way to tell me it wasn’t true.

He didn’t.

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