Short Story – “Yes I Will” (2)

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Maxwell was extra anxious and stood like a student awaiting his finals result. He refused to call as it would have given the whole surprise out and decided to wait patiently instead. 

They all attributed the delay to Lagos traffic but deep down Isioma knew something else was wrong; it was more than just a traffic scenario. Mabel wasn’t picking her calls or replying her text messages. 

Maxwell had several thoughts running through his mind. 

“Was she aware of the engagement”

 “Doesn’t she want to marry me”

 “Did I do something wrong” 

“Was she cheating on me”

“Why would she do this to me”

He was utterly confused and even more his guests who seemed tired of waiting for someone who clearly didn’t want to be there. 

After the long wait of over three hours, Maxwell knew something else was up. He suspected Mabel perceived what was about to happen and backed out at the last minute. 

He knew he deserved a response, it was the least Mabel could do considering the years they spent together as a couple. 

At first, he called based on disappointment. He thought of how much effort he put into making sure today was perfect. 

Later on, the started calling based on sheer concern and fear. 

Something was wrong, he knew it, he felt it. 

On the 6th ring, someone picked up. 

It wasn’t Mabel. At first, he thought she might have lost her phone due to the rush but he heard screams, continuous noise..

Something serious had happened and what followed..

“Oga, if you see accident. The person wey get the phone don die oh.. Trailer just jam the car everywhere scatter…

And with that, the phone fell to the floor followed by his body..


“Baby are you okay?” Mabel questioned.

“Baby, Baby!” 

“Max! Maxwell!” Mabel yelled. 

“Yes..” Max replied. 

“You got me scared for a minute there, it’s like you’ve been in a trance all morning.” 

“Would you have pancake and eggs for breakfast?” Mabel asked. 

“Yes, yes I will…”

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