Short Story – “Yes I Will”

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Maxwell and Mabel

“Yes I will” was all Maxwell needed to hear. 

Those were the words he urgently needed to hear from his girlfriend’s lips to seal their engagement. 

He had longed for this day, planned his surprise well enough so it wasn’t over the top or “extra” as she would call other engagements they both saw on the internet. He always managed to take out one or two ideas from them. 

For over two weeks he thought, pondered on what could be the perfect surprise for Mabel. What could be simple yet exciting and make her feel exceptionally special all at once. 

Maxwell Oladapo Abbey was certainly not the conventional guy. Mabel’s friends had often called him a husband material sown with a million and one yards. No, he wasn’t perfect. Surely had his bad days but he was an ideal boyfriend. 

Maxwell almost always knew what to say, what to do and even how to go about it. An added advantage was his good looks, an average height, a well paid job; a job well paid to provide for his needs and shower Mabel with gifts. Fair to say he was every girl’s dream man. 

“I wish I was the one dating this your boyfriend…” Tomike said in awe as she kept looking through the gifts Mabel got for Valentine. 

“Babe, you are so lucky. Do you know how difficult it is to find a man in this era that spoils you, takes care of you, kon love you on top!” Isioma added in admiration. 

“I know right, Max is special.” Mabel responded. 

“Special? You call someone who was perfectly and beautifully made just special? Abeg abeg. God finish work for this guy head..” Isioma added. 

They all burst out in laughter. 

Maxwell knew planning an engagement needed him to involve Mabel’s close friends Isi and Tomike. The girls were extremely excited for their friend and had high hopes that “their wonderfully and beautifully moulded man” was on his way. 


Max decided to invite only close friends and family as he thought Mabel wouldn’t want anything more. She often felt it was unnecessary to have a crowd at intimate events.

 “Babe, our wedding is definitely strictly by invitation. Not a multitude that don’t wish us well. If possible, let’s have our wedding outside the country, fairytale ish..” Mabel would often say. 

Everything was set from food, venue, decorations and even the engagement ring he ordered from Dubai arrived earlier than expected because of how much pressure he put on the order. 

It was Isioma’s duty to ensure she came to the venue but Mabel was quite adamant about going anywhere after work that particular day.

Isioma only left after Mabel promised to come to the venue after work for their hangout session. She hurriedly went to put finishing touches at the venue as they all awaited her arrival…

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