“Some women have no business wishing others a happy International Women’s Day” – Stephanie Coker

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Media personality, Stephanie Coker is of the opinion that some women have no business celebrating others on International Women’s Day.

The Tv host took to her Instagram stories today, March 8, 2022, being International Women’s Day to share some bias women have against one another.

According to the mother of one, women who believe in such stereotypes should not be celebrating others.

“Women, let’s stop the bias against each other.

She looks good doesn’t mean she has a low IQ.

She has her own thriving business doesn’t mean she’s a runs girl.

She’s unmarried doesn’t mean she can’t hang with married folk.

She’s older doesn’t mean time has passed.

She’s young doesn’t mean she’s not knowledgeable.

She’s a busy working mother doesn’t mean she isn’t a caring mother.

She’s divorced doesn’t mean she’s damaged goods,” she wrote.

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Coker gained media attention in 2011 as the anchor of MTV Base Africa countdown show, Street Request.

She later went on to host several shows including the Cool FM Midday Oasis Show, MTV Big Friday Show and The Voice Nigeria in 2016.

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