Sony Acquires Rights To Tarzan, Plots Complete Re-invention Of The Character

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Sony Pictures has acquired the rights to tell the story of classic pulp hero, Tarzan for the big screens with plans to revamp the character in a way that best suits today’s audience.

Prolific writer, Edgar Rice Burroughs first created the character Tarzan in 1912 as the son of a British Lord and Lady orphaned at a young age, marooned on the coast of Angola and then raised in an African Jungle by a tribe of great apes. Since Burrough’s first book, the Tarzan story has been adapted into film and television several times over the years, one of which was the hit Disney animation in 1999.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures has purchased the Tarzan film rights from the Burrough’s estate, Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. and is seeking to undertake a “total reinvention” of the beloved character although no screenwriter or director is attached to the project just yet.

The last attempt at a Tarzan adaptation for the big screen’s, Warner Bros Legend of Tarzan, was deemed by many as uninspiring despite featuring promising Hollywood talents like Alexander Skarsgard, Margot Robbie, Samuel Jackson, Christopher Waltz amongst others.

A total reinvention of the Tarzan a story would mean to avoid the colonialism, blatant racisim and dull African stereotypes integrated in the original story’s core, a daunting task Warner Bros failed to achieve in 2016, at least not entirely. Whether or not Sony’s iteration in the near future would fare any better remains to be seen, but the mere possibility of it failing to makes one wonder whether stories like these still need to be retold.

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