Looks Like We’re Finally Getting A ‘God Of War’ Live-Action TV Series

Sony boss Jim Ryan reportedly confirms the ‘God of War’ series at Prime Video is moving forward.

God of War

God of War is easily one of the most popular video games to ever exist. And in a world where comic books, video games, and book adaptations have become commonplace, it’s only natural that millions of fans who’ve played this video game would want to see it come to life on screen. A God of War adaptation rumour isn’t new, but now, it looks like it’s finally happening.

In the video game, players control Kratos, a Spartan warrior who is sent by the Greek gods to kill Ares, the god of war. As the story progresses, Kratos is revealed to be Ares’ former servant, who had been tricked into killing his own family and is haunted by terrible nightmares.

God of War first launched in 2005 and has since spanned more video game sequels (eight now) with no signs of slowing down. The Sony Playstation property is incredibly popular and continues to receive rave gaming industry awards. With its move to live-action, God of War sets itself to be introduced to a new kind of audience.

Here’s how the God of War series news broke.

Sony Pictures recently held an investor briefing where it discussed plans for its future. Sony CEO, Jim Ryan, when asked about the studio’s plans reportedly confirmed that a God of War series was coming to Amazon Prime Video. “Currently in development,” he’s rumoured to have said( by a Resetera user). He also revealed that a Horizon series is being developed for Netflix and a Gran Turismo series for an unknown platform.

If this is really true, then fans all over the world have one more reason to be joyful.

The big question is, who will play Kratos?

No word on a possible release date has been announced yet.

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