Spoiler-Filled Gist On ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

This is a spoiler-filled post about different aspects of the highly-anticipated sequel.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever review

If you haven’t seen the rave of the moment, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, consider this your only warning to leave this article at once. This is a spoiler-filled post about different aspects of the highly-anticipated sequel.

Click here for my spoiler-free review about the movie.

Wakanda Forever!!!

  • Killing off Queen Ramonda was bold AF, and reinforced my initial belief belief this movie was going to be depressing all the way.
  • Everytime Chadwick Boseman’s face came on, everywhere in the theatre went silent. Did this happen in yours, too?
  • How long do you think before we see T’Challa Jr. in action like his dad?
  • Shuri’s journey to becoming the Black Panther was good and well-earned.
  • Ramonda vs. Okoye: That scene had some of the best acting of the entire movie.
  • Namor’s motivation for wanting to wage war on Wakanda was a good one.
  • I know this may be divisive, the Aztec angle and rewriting of Atlantis to Taloken was brilliant. It helped the movie avoid unnecessary comparisons to Aquaman (2018).
  • T’Challa’s funeral scene was well-done.
  • How was Everett Ross ever married to Valentina de Fontaine? 🤣
  • Could Shuri’s AI be a derivative of Vision? Remember when she scanned him in Avengers: Infinity War?
  • Okoye referring to MIT to a Wakandan primary school got me laughing hard. 🤣
  • Namor’s sucker-punching M’baku made me laugh even harder. 🤣🤣
  • M’baku calling Okoye a bald-headed demon… 🤣🤣🤣
  • The underwater scenes made me crave the arrival of ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ even more.
  • Namor is officially the second confirmed Mutant in the MCU, after Ms. Marvel.
  • The Midnight Angels’ appearance reminded me, so much, about Abe from the Ron Perlman Hellboy movies.
  • Burnaboy’s Alone played for so long in the movie a part of me started stray-thinking Marvel was a poor indie movie that wanted to shine off the back of the successful musician. Like I say, stray thoughts. Whew!😌
  • Shuri meeting Kilmonger in the Ancestral Plane was a pleasant surprise. Another bold choice from the filmmakers that made the story better.
  • The movie felt a bit too long. Maybe it’s just me 🙂
  • Is M’baku now the king of Wakanda?

Fun facts: Did you know that “Namor” was gotten by simply reversing the spelling of “Roman”? You’re welcome. 😁

Fun fact 2: Tench Huerta, who played Namor, had to learn how to swim for the movie role. Director Ryan Coogler had to learn too to be able to join the cast and crew and direct the underwater scenes better.

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