Stabbed with a fork, threatened with a knife, hit with a kettle | Lojay reveals his last stint with ‘Love’ was a horror show

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Singer Lojay broke out in 2021, starring in an EP produced and curated by legendary producer Sarz. Ever since then, he’s remained a regular fixture in Afrobeats, dropping a couple of singles, earning an international collaboration with pop icon Chris Brown, performing at shows, and making his mark on pop culture.

In a recent interview with media house Pulse, the Monalisa singer unwrapped his love-life, detailing why he hasn’t bothered so much about romantic relationships in a while.

Lojay began dating his said lover while he was 16, and they both endured until he was 22. The 26-year-old said the girl was his first love but had to break things off because she became abusive, toxic, and violent.

“…we broke up for 8 months so, it wasn’t like direct cheating, there was distance and it was complicated. It wasn’t directly cheating and as at the time we decided to come back together, I wasn’t cheating on her with anybody. But there were some people that she wouldn’t have appreciated me talking to and she thought I was talking to, so she went through my phone and saw that someone replied a message, but there was no message from me, which meant I had deleted our conversations. She put a knife to my face and told me to open my phone, she stabbed the bed and dragged it down to show me the knife was effective.”

Lojay and Chris Brown
Lojay and Chris Brown perform Monalisa Remix. Image Source: Instagram

The singer admitted that some of his songs have touched on his experiences, mostly the poignant themes of love, heartbreak, domestic violence, betrayal, lies, and deceit.

“…after everything, my mind just told me to go downstairs and I saw her in my car and the car was on. Apparently she wanted to drive out so I quickly shouted that they should lock the gate. So I went to the car, she was calling her sister blah blah blah. Here is the scary part: when the caretakers of the building where I was staying came out and asked what happened, she told them she was running away from me because I was hitting her. At this point, it dawned on my that this was danger.”

You can see the full interview below.

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