Stand Strong: Davido Says Linking Up with The Samples was a “Crazy Experience”

The singer says the video for “Stand Strong” was shot in Los Angeles.

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Davido shared the first official single from his upcoming untitled album a couple of weeks ago, a song that saw the “Fall” singer experiment with soul music.

Stand Strong featured guest appearance from American rapper Kanye West’s Sunday Service Choir, The Samples, with Davido describing linking up with the band as a “crazy experience” in an recent interview that’s surfaced online.

Friends and collaborators have often talked about Kanye West’s rigorous creative process, and in one of Stand Strong‘s teaser videos, we saw the GOOD Music boss playing the piano in the middle of a large choir.

According to Davido, he started soliciting the collaboration with The Samples right from when Kanye West was organizing listening parties for his 11th studio album Donda 2.

“Crazy, man. Yeah, we were in Atlanta when he was having the release parties, and then from there I met Jason who works with Kanye, and then we just got in the studio and played them a couple of records, and obviously ‘Stand Strong’ is the one that fit them.

And we flew out to L.A. and we shot the video. And hopefully, we got to perform a couple of shows with them.”

“It was just a different feeling, a different kind of record. I wouldn’t say I’ve never done a record like that, but I don’t think I’ve ever released a record like that.

But funny enough, my earlier records, before Afrobeats and stuff, that’s the kind of music I was geared to, like R&B, slow, soulful type stuff.”

Have you seen the video for Stand Strong by Davido and The Samples? Watch it below.

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