Stop Leaving Your Kids With Your Boyfriends – Cardi B Admonishes Mothers

Stop leaving your kids with your boyfriends, get a baby sitter!

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It is no longer strange to hear stories of children being abused by their caregivers and singer Cardi B has shared advice on Twitter that might help curb this menace. The American rapper, Cardi B, known for airing her views unabashed on social media, has given out advice to single mothers.

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According to her, mothers should stop leaving their kids with their boyfriends due to the inability of getting a proper babysitter. Explaining further, she added that the devil is manipulating their minds especially when they are needy of attention.

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Dear Moms, I know it’s hard to find good babysitters you can trust (I still don’t have one 😩) and I know sometimes the money isn’t there but PLEASE STOP leaving ya kids with your boyfriends! The devil is manipulating their minds especially when they are needy of attention.

In a follow-up tweet, Cardi added that women should learn more about their boyfriends before introducing them to the kids. ‘Stop ignoring the signs’, she warned.

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Let me make it simple for the dumb minded !STOP LEAVING YOUR KIDS WITH YA BOYFRIENDS! PERIOD. Learn your man before bringing him around your kids .Stop ignoring the signs.

On Twitter, a number of people shared their opinion on the important issue. Some of them agreed with the entertainer while others felt a mother should not have that type of boyfriend in the first place. What’s yours?

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