T.I. Announces final album “Kill The King” to confirm retirement


Rapper and actor, T.I. is ready to bow out of the rap game, announcing his final album at the end of the music video for his new single, What It’s Come To.

The Atlanta rap legend and his wife, Tiny Harris, have been accused in recent months of sexual assault, rape, drugging, and more by several women. A case that was filed against them in Las Vegas was dropped, but an investigation remains open in Los Angeles. T.I. and Tiny have denied the accusations on numerous fronts. Most recently, T.I. gave some insight on his new song, What It’s Come To, which we now know will be the first single from the rapper’s final album.


Back in 2017, he mentioned during his interview with The Breakfast Club that he was ready to step away from music. “I’m ready to get the hell outta [the rap game],” he said. “I got this next album, I got three albums in my head I’ve already conceptualized. Once I get them out, I’m done.”

The album that he was referring to was called Kill The King and it appears as though he’s stuck with that title, announcing the body of work at the end of his new music video.

The official video for What It’s Come To references the present situation that T.I. and Tiny have found themselves in, and at the end, there’s a teaser of what the album cover might look like. “Kill The King, the final album, coming soon,” wrote the artist on the screen. It’s interesting to note that, while this title can certainly apply to the Live Your Life singer’s present situation, it was announced over four years ago.

Catch the video of What it’s come to below:

T.I’s career has spanned more than two decades, blessing the world with 9 solo studio projects since 2021, and racked up so many awards including 3 Grammys and 11 Billboard Music Awards. He has also starred in several successful Hollywood movies including Takers (2010), Get Hard (2015), and Marvel’s Ant-Man movie series.

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