Ted Lasso Season 2 Review: Villains are Made, Not Born

A mini review of the major events from Ted Lasso Season 2.

Apple TV+ feel-good original comedy series Ted Lasso became the Holy Grail inters point of football and TV when it debuted in 2020, followed by a sweeping success at the 2021 Emmys. With the second season’s finale airing over the weekend, there’s plenty to highlight staring with blond Nate (Nick Mohammed).

Although Nate’s transformation has been something cooking in the kitchen right from the very first episode of Ted Lasso Season 2, only few people, perhaps only those present behind the scenes, could have predicted it would unravel so fast into what we saw in the season’s finale.

Nate’s metamorphosis is a typical example of how upbringings could potentially affect our choices in life. For Nate, it’s easy to vilify him, first for betraying Ted, the same man that put him on the pedestal. In his defense, Ted’s arrival at Richmond made him realise what he’d been missing all his life, the gratification that comes with being listened to, and taken seriously.

His lusting for attention turned into an obsession, like an embittered lover who’d just been abandoned, but rather than move on, they set up for revenge. Of course, Ted’s often a victim of his easy-going and honest nature, which explains the reason behind his guilt trip upon learning the reason for Nate’s betrayal. Ted was simply treating Nate same way he treats others, not knowing he requires special needs.

Nate and Ted’s struggle with mental health touches on the series core message on mental health and how it affects the big game. It also underscores the importance of seeking help and confronting the truth. But while Ted was able to address his problem, Nate hasn’t been able to, mostly because he isn’t aware yet that something’s not right.

However, by accepting the West Ham United job, not only has Nate betrayed Ted, he’s betrayed Rebecca by working for Rupert.

Another highlight worthy of note is Keely and Roy’s relationship. For most of their time together, it felt like both of them were only trying to experience a different kind of love. Roy’s the serious, no-nonsense guy and Keely’s been so used to having fun, no matter what men threw at her. Completely opposite, how they lived prior to meeting, and because their union feels like one born out of convenience rather pure and uncontrollable emotions, questions were always going to surround their future. How long before they can’t hold it together! The signs are yelling “not so long!”

Also, Rebecca’s affair with Sam might prove one of the events from season 2 tha shapes the series, henceforth. A new job for Keely, Richmond back in the English Premier League, a new football rivalry in London, and Ted Lasso Season 3 is well setup for the most epic adventure yet.

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