The Shocking Brymo and 2Face Idibia Alleged Feud No One Could Have Predicted

Brymo has accused 2Face Idibia of arranging for thugs to physically assault him, because the veteran singer thinks he slept with his wife, an allegation Brymo has denied.

the brymo and 2face idibia spat no one could have seen coming

Nigerian singer/songwriter Brymo Olawale, known as just Brymo took to his Twitter page on Monday October 4, to make a shocking revelation about veteran musician 2Face, whom he says once accused him of sleeping with his wife Annie Macaulay-Idibia.

In a series of tweets, Brymo detailed how he was allegedly set-up and physically assaulted by a group of thugs arranged by 2Face. According to his narration of the ordeal he first saw 2Face, whom he considered an idol at the time, closely when he joined his tour back in 2012.

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“In the very recent past, a man falsely accused me of sleeping with his wife and I’ve waited in angst, and the words were never taken back still, efforts were consistently made to prove I did it still and my soul has known no lasting peace ever since,” Brymo tweeted.

He continued by narrating how the events unfolded, and he was lured to a certain hotel in the name of being a special guest but was eventually ambushed by thugs allegedly arranged by 2Face.

“Weeks later I was lured into being hosted by a friend I had just met and after spending days getting high and philandering, I was asked if I would love to join an organisation, of which I responded ‘well I might want to accept but I do not subscribe to being battered.”

“Minutes later my host said he was walking down to another guest house, where some guy has messed up and be punished, told me to come but didn’t wait for me. Well, I was the guy it turned out…when I arrived at the gate on the street I was asked to show ID.”


“I tried to truly forcefully open the gate stating that I was a guest of the hotel and didn’t need ID…four boys busted through the gates and launched an offense at me. I fought back and got a black eye.”

Brymo, who recently released his 9th studio album, a dual project titled “Esan” and “Harmattan and Winter” then revealed that an undisclosed source told him 2Face was behind the physical assault and that he tried to confront him on the incident. However, 2Face denied the allegations and Brymo appealed to the veteran musician to steer clear from him and his affairs.

Brymo’s allegations have come in the wake of 2Face and Annie Idibia’s recent marital feud. Although the couple seem to have moved on from that, it would be interesting to see the impact that these accusations from Brymo have on their union, and how they respond to it.

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