The Real is back: J Cole follows up ‘Interlude’ with Off-Season documentary teaser

The Off-Season Documentary and it is dropping tomorrow, May 10 at 1 PM ET which is 6 PM in our local time.

J Cole

The countdown for J Cole’s upcoming album began 5 days ago, when Cole himself announced the album will drop on May 14. However, the rapper whet fans with a fresh single, ‘Interlude’, off the forthcoming album, and just like classic J Cole there are lots of quotable bars. Interlude currently occupies 8th spot on the iTunes Top 100 Hip Hop & Rap Songs and has scored over 3.5 million streams on Youtube.

Cole and Dreamville fans were hoping to receive J. Cole’s anticipated album sometime this year, but it wasn’t expected to arrive this soon. We haven’t heard much from J. Cole aside from his one-off singles sprinkled in 2020, but earlier this week, he dropped off that major announcement.

To add to Interlude, Cole has teased a documentary titled; Applying Pressure: The Off-Season Documentary and it is dropping tomorrow, May 10 at 1 PM ET which is 6 PM in our local time. See video below.

Frenzied fans reacted to the teaser, with one saying: “Dude chill we can’t keep up 😭😭😭” And it is honestly hard to keep up with Cole when he’s steady putting out stuff like this. Cos you know they’re all gonna be great and unmissable.

Told you earlier there are lots of relatable lyrics in Interlude, here are some of the hottest lines.

Cole world, n*ggas knowin’ what it is

Just in case they don’t, I show ’em what it is

Then in Summer, I do real numbers

Couldn’t dare touch it if they sold the double-disc

Block hot, n*ggas burnin’ up the street

Shots poppin’ and we heard it up the street

It’s a war, n*ggas runnin’ up the score

Jesus said that you should turn the other cheek

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