‘The Sandman’ Is A Labour Of Love To Fans Of The Comic Book, But…

The Sandman on Netflix

The Sandman is a gift of love to faithful fans of the Neil Gaiman comic book source material, but newcomers joining the Netflix series might struggle a bit with the lack of a nail-biting story.

Author Neil Gaiman is having the time of his life as The Sandman joins an increasing number of his creations that have come to life on the big screen. Count American God’s early success at Starz and Good Omen’s still-on run at Prime Video, and you’d better understand this.

As could be peeked from his other two shows, The Sandman, too, is visually stunning. Netflix spared no expense in bringing the fantastical worlds beyond The Waking World to life. Time spent traversing The Dreaming, Hell, and Desire’s Domain was spent in awe and gasps. Money well spent if you ask me.

The acting doesn’t leave much to be desired, which isn’t something you see too often these days with fantasy shows, where the CGI typically does the heavy lifting. Although I should warn you not to expect any Emmy award-winning performance from the cast here, it is worthy to note that they all pull their own weights, with some notable standouts like Death (played by Kirby Howell-Baptiste) and Desire (played to chilling perfection by Mason Alexander Park). Tom Sturridge’s performance as the lead titular character, aka Morpheus, is also commendable; he manages to carry the weight of the show gracefully, but I must confess there were times I got really bored of watching his stiff jawline do that thing it does.

As controversial as my opening paragraph sounds, The Sandman fairs pretty well as a new show in the overcrowded TV scene – the fans love it and the critics do, too. My issue with the story is mostly how fast-paced and far-spread it felt. Although it did manage to come together nicely in the end, I found myself struggling to make the most sense of most of its arcs, which many times felt like fillers and homage to its comic book run, than expedient parts to lead us to a memorable finale. That was its weakest draw for me.

Thankfully, it wasn’t enough for me to dislike the show.

Have you seen The Sandman? What are your thoughts about it? Do share in the comments.

Talius’ Rating: 3.5/5

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