To Stay Single and Or To Marry Wrong – Divorced Twitter User In Her 30’s Weighs In

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To perfect age and time for a woman to get married remains a topic as old as the hills. Although it has been discussed severally, there is still no date written in the books that is ideal for one to settle down. To some women, the perfect time remains in their 20s and to others, “whenever it feels right”.

A divorced twitter user in her 30s has weighed in on the viral tweet thread which advised women planning to migrate to other countries, to try to hold on to their Nigerian boyfriends if they have one because it’s harder to find men abroad.

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According to the lady, women are better off single than marring the wrong person.

As somebody who has been married to the absolute wrong one and is now 30+ and single, i can tell you for FREE that those threads dont touch me at all because i KNOW that the wrong marriage is absolutely WORST than being single.”

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She added that women cannot evade loneliness by getting married but rather by marrying the right person.

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