Top 10: The Best Nigerian Content Creators of 2022

Top 10: The Best Nigerian Content Creators of 2022

I consumed so many Nigerian-made contents this year, I should get the award for the most skits watched in a calendar year. The last time I spent this much time binge-watching videos on social media was during the pandemic. But while I was mindlessly doing it then trying to escape boredom, this year, I was intentional. I wanted to figure out who the best Nigerian content creators are, why they are the best, and why skit-making continued its exponential growth post-pandemic, with brands flocking to content creators for advertisements and endorsement deals.

The industry, more than ever is a cash cow. Apart from direct payments from platforms; influencer marketing deals ensure the bag keeps rolling, and more people are beginning to use this as an incentive to join the hustle. No doubt, I have enjoyed the dynamism served by this competition.

However, from plots, to execution, to videography, to continuity, these are the top 10 Nigerian content creators that standout from the crowd; skit-makers whose works I have thoroughly enjoyed and live to crave for more in hope that they carry on upping the ante.

#10 Brain Jotter

Brain Jotter

When Brain Jotter started, I’d wondered: How long before we get tired of this often one-dimensional guy? But he has found a way to switch it up and make his work more widely relatable and appreciated. I particularly enjoy his dark humour, but he also has a way of grabbing and holding your attention out of the ordinary.

#9 Sabinus


Sometimes Sabinus’ stories are tired and too clichéd. It is usually what you get when you tend to cast a big net; plenty garbage, but also plenty gems. It is the gems— Sabinus’ best works— that have blended finely with our pop culture that puts his name on this list. To momentarily create fun is great, but to lace it with readily reusable elements (like slangs) is even greater. By the way, how’s the family?

#8 Josh2Funny


Who else laughs at the mere mention of this name? The most mind-boggling part of Josh’s contents is that you consciously know that nothing is going to be funny; everything is just going to be stupid. But if you want to go, it adorkably compels you to stay, and the more you stay, the stronger the spell to exhaust the video. This is what you get in all of his contents, from the Resurrection Power Ministries, to The Audition, and Juga.

#7 Laisisi


Variety is a long-known constant craving of humans, and Laisisi Elenu’s superpower is versatility. Apart from being a very good actor, he knows how to tell a good story while keeping you yearning for more.

#6 Jude OC

Jude OC

Here comes a very talented animator and voice over actor who’s helping to make sure more Nigérians find cool in the uncool of dark humour. Jude OC is one of the people that put a smile on my face this year. More so that I had to send him a personal message on Instagram to thank him.

#5 Mr Macaroni

Mr Macaroni

Mr Macaroni needs no introduction. I notably enjoy his satirical depiction of Nigerian lecturers with Professor Hard Life. But his major strength is in his ability to find pleasant ways to address societal issues on the go without overkilling their saliences.

#4 Nasboi


I don’t know but I don’t seem to ever get enough of installments of Nasboi’s Akpan series. 😂😂😂 In fact, apart from seeing him appear occasionally in Sydney Talker’s videos, it was Akpan—a very foolish man— that directed my interest his way. What I’ve come to discover since then, is a naturally gifted creator. This man can turn any story into a hit, thanks to his sense-grabbing execution.

#3 Twyse


Twyse may have slowed down, but there’s still always stardust scattered all over his work. His Twyse and Family series formed the blueprint for many creators who now portray multiple characters in their skits. Twyse gave us the notorious Taofeek, Mummy and Daddy Tobi, the timid Sade, Tobi, and more recently Junior. It remains one of the best skits you will find on the internet, and yes, Twyse and his band do more than thrash modern day family issues; they discuss religion, sexuality, and everything in-between. Just in case you were wondering.

#2 Taaomoa


I have post notifications turned on for only two creators on this list, Taao is one of them. Even as we continue to pursue perfection and acquire as much skills as we can in one lifetime; pure, raw talent can never fail you. Any serious person can learn acting. With grace and hard-graft they can even become international A-listers albeit also with the right guidance and technology. But in Nigeria, if you cannot act, you simply cannot hold audiences spellbound while retelling mundane stories like the family chronicles that form the core of Taaooma’s contents. Born a star.

#1 Elozonam


I met this young man once in 2021, and I have to say we didn’t quite get off to a good start. Because he didn’t win his season of BB Naija, I even downplayed and shrugged off the unpleasant encounter as just another troublesome client. After all, many of them get to the house by proxy and not really because they’re talented (Na hear I hear am oh! No be me talk). But fast-forward a year later, and I have come here, shamelessly, to praise the same man for the very same thing I’d thought he lacked: talent, but also style, and a remarkable and charming persona in front of the camera. While most people have focused their contents on comedy, Elozonam has found a brilliant way to knit everything we love about film and TV together. His Back to The Future series features Hollywood-level plots, terrific VFX, and bewitching pacing. This young man is a star, and I never ever thought I’d one day say it, let alone pick up a pen and write it.

Summary: The Best 10 Nigerian Content Creators of 2022

  • Elozonam
  • Taaooma
  • Twyse
  • Nasboi
  • Mr Macaroni
  • Jude OC
  • Laisisi
  • Josh2Funny
  • Sabinus
  • Brain Jotter

Who do you think should have not or deserved to make this list? Don’t forget to share to your friends.

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