Top 5: Classic Independence Day songs that give hope to Nigerians

Enjoy 5 classic Independence Day music.

Independence Day

Every October 1, Nigeria celebrates her Independence from the British Colonial Government in 1960.

A special place, people and history, Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and the world’s most populous black nation. Despite the country’s ailing leadership, the people continue to outdo hardship, excelling all over the world; in science and technology, craft, music, film and TV, politics, economics and more.

The journey behind may have been gruesome but, these 5 songs inspire hope in the days that lie ahead. And if Nigerians believe and live by some of the perspectives they provide, perhaps the future is as bright as it is promising.

Check them out below.

#5 Nigeria Go Better — Chief Osita Osadebe

Late Chief Osita Osadebe was a genius Hi-life musician and patriotic Nigerian, usually offering some critical reflections on culture, politics, lifestyle, religion, and nation building throughout his decorated catalogue of songs. On Nigeria Go Better, hope is brought to life by the chords of the lead guitar, playing out for some time before Osadebe eventually begins to speak those words of positivity into Nigeria’s existence.

#4 Nigeria Go Survive — Veno

This is Afro-disco at its ultimate best. If Veno’s Nigeria Go Survive doesn’t get you in high spirit, I wonder what would. It’s the kind of tune that comes on and you immediately throw your worries, sorrows out the window. It appears the legendary singer also saw the future, urging Nigerians to stay and build their nation rather than checking out.

#3 Great Nation –Timi Dakolo

As far as renditions go, this is one of the best performances you’d find around. Dakolo’s style is well defined and everyone almost knows what to expect from the prolific singer-songwriter whenever his songs come on; poignant vocals, powerful lyricism, excellent delivery.

#2 Green Land — TY Bello

With the clamour for a new Nigeria, where politicians and public servants are held accountable gaining in strength, perhaps Nigerians can finally see and benefit from the ‘green’ that TY Bello sings about in this classic record.

#1 One Love — Onyeka Onwuenu

Unity, togetherness, and national integration are the qualities that ‘LOVE’ can promote in today’s Nigeria. And while some people may think this record is out of context, it touches on one of the country’s existential deficiencies since independence– a lack of love among the major tribes. Love is crucial, if Nigeria will indeed survive and thrive to become the blessed and powerful country it was meant to be.

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