Top 5: Gabriel Afolayan’s Best Acting Performances

In no particular order, here are the five times Gabriel Afolayan has wowed us the most with his acting chops.

Top 5 Gabriel Afolayan movies

Gabriel Afolayan might be from a family of great people destined to make great films, but there’s something about this man who’s made a name for himself that is bound to stand the test of time in the Nigerian movie industry.

Thanks to the release of Blood Sisters on Netflix, Afolayan is presented to a whole new range of audiences across the world to feast and better applaud everything his presence brings to the Nigerian movie industry.

Super Story: Nnenna

After Nnenna’s death at the hands of a greedy family friend, turns out Akin (Gabriel Afolayan) is the only one who can see her. With his help, they both joined forces to bring down all those who’d betrayed her and her family.

Gabriel Afolayan’s role as Akin in this season of Super Story was the breakout role that signaled the actor’s talent to all who cared to listen.


Romero (Gabriel Afolayan) and his friends have to fight their way out of their neighborhood when the water supply infects people with rabid river blindness.

The C. J. Obasi production surprised everyone with the bold stance it took with its story. Cue in Afolayan’s energetic performance and you have yourself a story that works even better because it cast the right actor for the right role.

Coming From Insanity (2019)

A boy (Gabriel Afolayan) genius trafficked from Nigeria grows up to become a master counterfeiter and is now in the sights of an ambitious currency agent determined to bring him to justice.

This is one of my favourite movie roles played by this versatile actor.

Gold Statue (2019)

Two young men, Wale (Gabriel Afolayan) and Chike are in search of a ‘Gold Statue’ believed to have been a deity inherited by their generation. In trying to locate where the supposed statue is located, they go through a series of unimaginable ordeals.

For Maria Ebun Pataki (2021)

After a complicated delivery, a mother struggles with postpartum depression and begins to withdraw from her husband (Gabriel Afolayan) and the rest of the world around her.

Need I say more about this movie that blew our collective minds away when it debuted on Netflix last January? Everyone who showed up showed out and that included Gabriel Afolayan, who played the dutiful husband role to a T alongside Meg Otanwa.

Bonus: Blood Sisters (2022)

In Blood Sisters, Gabriel Afolayan stars alongside fellow industry veteran Kehinde Bankole as an ambitious couple who’d do anything to get what they want, including having his brother killed. It’s a career-high performance for Afolayan and his on-screen better-half.

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