Toyin Abraham Comes Under Fire From Fans Over Preferred Presidential Aspirant

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Nollywood actress and filmmaker Toyin Abraham has received a lot of backlash from fans over her choice of presidential candidate for the 2023 presidential elections with some threatening to boycott her upcoming movie scheduled to hit cinemas this December.  

On Sunday, the APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu shared a 7 second video of himself working out on a fitness bike to dispel rumors and prove that he is indeed strong and capable of ruling the country.

Toyin Abraham in a since deleted Instagram post shared a picture of the APC candidate asking what else Nigerians needed to believe the he was in fact fully healthy and not dying soon. She wrote; “What else does Tinubu need to do to prove that he is not dying today? I am not campaigning for any candidate, just jumping on trending topic. I am just responsible citizen with PVC and power to choose who to vote for”

Despite stating she wasn’t campaigning for any candidate, her comments were not well received by fans with some threatening to boycott her upcoming film Ijakumo.

One Cute Ajayi wrote, “The annoying thing is this one that wore overall black shedding crocodile tears will burst into laughter after she made that video. They are all same thing including Toyin that can lick ass for Africa. Birds of a feather. Shameless glutton.”

A Gina Barbie wrote, “very shameless people. Don’t be surprise she dey do eye service make Agbado Master notice her. At the same stylishly testing the waters to know people’s reaction. Let them continue selling out that Karma is doing pressup. If the state of this nation pleases Toyin let the life of her kids turn out like current Nigeria economy. Ndi ngnu!”

A Lizzie Samson wrote, “Help me ask her why she block me make her Tinubu fans watch her movie in December.”

One Otty Alice wrote, No mind that one!! If we decide not to watch her movies now it will be we are wicked.”

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