Ubi Franklin Fires Back at Timaya Over Threats to Beat Him Up

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Music executive, Ubi Franklin has reacted to Dancehall singer, Timaya threats to beat him up.

Recall, the music star recently called out Franklin on Twitter, describing him as Davido’s employed nanny.

Reacting to Timaya’s tweets in a series of posts on Instagram, the talent manager admitted to being assaulted by Timaya but said it was an “unprovoked” attack.

According to him, their rift started because he told the music star off after he knocked a woman down with his car earlier in February.

“Timaya is so petty.
You are angry cos I told how wrong it was to knock a woman down and leave here to her fate.
You come to talk trash here today?
I am not a person that will see wrong and keep quiet.
You were wrong to have knocked that’s woman down and left her there.
Period.” he wrote.

He claimed the singer knelt down to apologize and also, called to apologize after their brawl while blaming it all on being under the influence of alcohol.

Timaya on the other hand later on responded to Franklin’s claims saying; “Chulo Bothers Nobody. Make Nobody BOTHER CHULO 🥶”

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