Unity Crises: Vacate South-East in 48hrs or be treated like ‘bush meat’, Ohanaeze Ndigbo to Gun-carrying Herdsmen

Fulani Herdsmen

Youths of Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, have issued a 48-hour ultimatum to every Fulani with AK-47 to leave the South-East or be treated like “bush meat”.

The ultimatum is coming on the heels of the revelation that over 332 Fulani camps across the region are occupied with AK-47 carrying Fulani militia. Former Deputy Inspector General of Police, DIG Celestine Okoye, had in a media interview, said that “there are 332 Fulani herdsmen settlers heavily armed with AK47 rifles across the five states of the South-East waiting to unleash terror on Ndigbo.”

Fulani Herdsmen

National President of Ohanaeze Youths Council, Igboayaka. O Igboayaka, who said the media briefing had corroborated an earlier report by a civil society organisation, said Igbo youths would not sit idly to watch terrorists circle and invade Igbo land and went on to issue a statement.

“All Fulani herdsmen with AK47 rifles to immediately vacate their hidden locations in Igbo land within 48 hours or risk being treated like bush animals wherever they are sighted with weapons.”

Ohaneze Youth Chapter (OYC) also accused President Muhammadu Buhari and the security agencies of paying deaf ears to the disturbing revelation, saying they should be held accountable for any security breach or genocidal attack in Igbo Land. According to OYC, Ndigbo will be left with no option save for resorting to self defense.

“President Buhari and his security agencies who are aiding and abetting the crimes of criminal Fulani herdsmen should understand that they have done everything necessary to ensure Nigeria’s disintegration.”

Fulani Militia

He added that Buhari and his kinsmen have divided Nigeria, leading the country into anarchy, tribal hate and crisis and cautioned the President and his kinsmen to have a rethink “on their covert Fulanization agenda and ethnic cleansing of other nationalities in Nigeria.

“The Fulani who are not more than seven million in population cannot successfully conquer over eighty million Igbo”. “The 1967-1970 genocide against Ndigbo where all tribes in the West, Middle-West and Hausa tribe fought against Ndigbo would not repeat again.

“Fulanis should get ready to contend with the forces of all the ethnic nationalities in Nigeria if they go ahead to embark on this impending attack against Ndigbo,” Igboayaka stated.

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