Useful Tips on Why You Need a VPN on Your iPhone

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When we hear the word VPN, we automatically think of laptops and keeping hackers away from our computers. But did you know that VPNs are useful on your iPhones too?

You’re probably thinking…abeggiii. But no cap. Having a VPN on your iPhone not only keeps your data safe from hackers or third parties but opens you up to a wealth of advantages. Keep reading to learn more.

Get Cheaper Deals

Some companies – flight and hospitality companies – intentionally hike their prices to trick customers into hasty purchasing. Having a VPN on your iPhone ensures you don’t fall victim to these tricks. This is because VPNs mask your identity and allows you to browse safely through the web. Using a VPN ensures that the prices you see are genuine.

Bypass GEO Restrictions

Bypass pesky geo-restrictions and access shows or content otherwise restricted to your home country. Having a VPN on your phone masks your location and gives you access to tons of fun content.

Dodge School and Workplace Firewalls

We’ve all fallen victim to this. We love the free WIFI access we get at school or work but are restricted by annoying firewalls (well…the aim is to promote productivity, but whatever). By installing a VPN on your phone, you no longer have to worry about those firewalls. Free access all the way…e choke.

Improve Your Gaming Experience

Hardcore gamers can agree that gaming is serious business, whether on your phone, laptop, or console. With a VPN on your phone, you can trick your ISP and prevent it from slowing your internet connection. How does this work?

The VPN hides what you’re doing. Therefore, it prevents your ISP from throttling your connection – when it thinks your taking up too much bandwidth – and slowing down your connection.

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